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Hello, I'm Pete Farmer.

I've been restoring and preparing classic and sports cars for competition and road use for over thirty years. During this time my over-riding aim has been to develop sound engineering solutions to the challeges of improving the performance and reliability of the classic cars we all enjoy so much.

It is said that racing improves the breed and my racing experience with events such as the North American Challenge, in which I was asked to prepare and support the British Austin Healey team entry of ten cars, led directly to a number of engineering solutions for Austin Healeys that improved steering, braking and handling. I think DMH would have approved if he had been around to participate.

Since then I have continued developing innovative solutions, exploiting modern components and good engineering, to sympathetically improve the reliability and road manners of our classics. My stable of owner's cars includes everything from the most basic Austin Healey Sprites or Healey 100's through to 100S' of immense historic and financial value.

As this site develops, I hope you will find something of interest and perhaps give me a call.

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