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Engine and Transmission Assembly

3000 EngineAn engine rebuild is not a decision undertaken lightly. Engineers with the experience needed to carry out a quality rebuild to the highest standards are becoming a scarce resource (none of us are getting any younger). I have been carrying out guaranteed quality engine rebuilds for customer cars and our own restoration projects for many years, and obviously my passion for Healeys means that many 3000, 100/6, and 100/4 engines have passed through my hands. The MGC engine is very similar to the big Healey engine and I have also built a number of those for satisfied customers.

I can provide rebuilds to a Standard state of tune carrying some of my own slight improvements to give a dependable, smooth running engine, or build to a Fast Road tune for increased performance throughout the range. My involvement in International competition, building reliable and competitive Race machinery is invaluable today, however building Full Race engines has become so specialised over more recent years that I now leave those to the experts who are actively involved in developing competitive engines for the racing community.

AH100 EngineIf you would like something a little different I would be happy to assist.

Project cars include Toyota engines in Sprites and American V8 engines in 100's or 3000's. We enjoy our work and are passionate about improving Healeys of all sizes.

Vernier Cam Sprocket (with corrected chain form)

Face side

This lightweight two-part sprocket is precision manufactured from high quality EN8 steel. It has an infinitely adjustable centre section for precise timing which is manufactured from HE30 alloy and then anodised against corrosion.
High tensile steel cap heads with non-slip cone collars are used for locking the centre and sprocket together.

During installation use only the shaved bolts provided with the sprocket when fitting the cam retaining plate to ensure clearance to the back of sprocket. ( check clearances when fully tightened) .

We are also able to supply superior OEM quality chain. It is highly recommended that a new chain is matched to this new sprocket when installing.

EN-6262 Cam Gear - Lightweight steel/alloy-vernier sprocket. £145.00 +vat

EN-6252 Timing Chain - uprated (for use with the sprocket above) £36.50 +vat