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Hardtops for Road and Race

4 Seat - Roadsters In the 1980's when Austin Healey racing was much more prevalent than it is today there was a lot of demand for lightweight hardtops to improve the aerodynamics of these cars. I therefore set out to to design and manufacture a 2-Seater BN6/7 GRP hardtop for the racing fraternity. It was based on the standard factory hardtop, which even then was an extremely rare item. The roof provided immediate performance improvements from the reduced drag and weighed a lot less than the factory version. The popularity of this lightweight top resulted in a lot of enquiries for a lightweight version for the 4-seater cars.

My replica of an original factory 4-seater hardtop saved about 20lbs in weight compared with an original and the ready availability of these tops was an instant success. The reduced weight compared with factory original hardtops also reduced body roll through the corners contributing to the popularity. These racing tops are still widely used today and sold worldwide.

Road Car Replica tops.

Over time the factory original hardtops became even more difficult to find and customers began to seek a version of my tops for road use that would allow their cars to be used in all weathers and increase the comfort on longer journeys. I therefore met this demand by producing the 4-seat hardtops in a heavier lay-up giving a more robust construction and improved noise reduction.

ConvertiblesThe range was added to later with the replica BJ7/8 roof. This roof incorporates discrete modifications to improve the shape and fit to the windscreen profile. Slight increases to the width were also incorporated to correctly extend the roof to the edge of the quarter lights, something the original never did! It is these details that set our hardtops apart from the competition creating a top quality fit that looks like a factory option rather than an after market add-on.

AH100 - BN1/2The range of available hardtops was then extended further by the introduction of the replica Healey 100 (BN1/2) roof. This roof also includes alloy framed sliding side screens allowing this historic sports car to be used as an all-weather Grand Tourer.

All of these roofs are produced in ‘Road' lay-up weight to improve sound deadening and reduce flexure. They can be supplied in kit form with all glazing, side screens, seals and fasteners, or can be professionally fitted, trimmed and painted in our workshop.

I also continue to provide the 'Race' lay-up lightweight roofs.

New improved - 2 Seater Roadster Roof

Hi-level brake lightsI have continued to develop these roofs in response to customer requirements and to meet modern road conditions. In addition to the proven venturi style roof extract, we can now incorporate a high level, high intensity, brake light. An essential safety option these days where drivers now expect to see brake lights in their eye line and not low down as they are on our cars.

This brake light modification is available on any of our Road weight roofs.

Please call to discuss your requirements in detail and to obtain costed options.